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Welcome to the Coral and Brady on Baseball show website! Our online radio show can be found at

Coral and Brady on Baseball is hosted by Coral Marshall and Brady Holzhauer. We are here to bring you news and opinions on everything that makes up the baseball world. We bring a lot to the table, having great discussions about the history of baseball to the big news items in today's game. We hope to hear from callers during our show and make you a part of our discussion.

Hey guys, Brady here. If you want to listen to our shows LIVE, go to Every time a show is coming up, go there and a button at the top will say "LISTEN LIVE." Click that to listen live. You can also call in to our shows when we are on the air at 718-508-9815! I have included a player to play our most recent show from the archives here! Tune in, and enjoy!

: Coral and Brady on Baseball

Our hour long show is every Wednesday at 6:00 PM CT!
Coral and Brady on Baseball
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We broadcast from Arkansas and California

is our call-in number for the show

Or e-mail:

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