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Coral Marshall is a first year communications student at the University of California, San Diego.
She is passionate about baseball and baseball history.
Her favorite teams are the Angels, the Colts, the Ducks, and Kasey Kahne's #9 NASCAR team. Her favorite all time player is Joe DiMaggio, and current favorites include Scott Spiezio and John Lackey. Her favorite actor is Adam Sandler who is also an avid baseball fan.



Brady Holzhauer is a high school student in Arkansas.
Brady is a baseball writer for, The Pujols Family Foundation, among various other websites.
His favorite St. Louis Cardinal is Adam Wainwright. Brady's favorite actor is Steve Carrell of "The Office" fame. His favorite movie is Office Space. Brady also does the occasional article for the West Memphis Evening Times newspaper. He is going to attend the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville when he graduates from high school. His plans are not for sure yet, because he is now starting to look into radio broadcasting instead of business.

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